Key Elements Of Life Have Been Found On Comet

Life Have Been Found On Comet

Scientists for the first time have discovered key organic elements in the composition of the comet, which confirms the theory that these celestial bodies have brought on Earth and throughout the Solar System – announced the scientists from the journal Science Advances.

The spacecraft of the European Space Agency (ESA) repeatedly detected amino acid glycine that with the help of living organisms synthesize proteins in the cloud of gas and dust around the comet Churjumov – Gerasimenko (Churi, 67P / C-G or 67P).

Glycine previously indirectly was detected in samples that fell in 2006 by another comet Wild 2. However, the specimens discovered in the US state of Utah were contaminated, which made the scientific analysis harder.

“The fact that glycine was detected in more comets, indicates that neither Wild 2 neither 67P are exceptions.” Says Kathryn Eltveg from the University of Bern.

The discovery suggests that glycine is a common element in the parts of the universe where stars and planets arise adds Eltveg. “Amino acids are everywhere and life could occur in any part of the cosmos,” she said.

Her research team found phosphorus, a key element in all living organisms and other organic molecules in cosmic dust around 67P. And it was the first time a phosphorus to be found around comet.

Scientists have long discussed the circumstances which led to the emergence of life on Earth several billion years ago, including the hypothesis that comets and asteroids with organic elements fell into the oceans on Earth early in its history.