The First 3D Photos Reveal What Is Located In One Of The Oldest Pyramids

3D Photos of Egyptian pyramids.

Using cosmic rays, thermal cameras and lasers, a team of experts made 3D maps which show the internal structure of one of the oldest Egyptian pyramids.

An international team of archaeologists discovered the first performance of the Bent Pyramid in Dashur, from which have developed 3D photos. So they approached the public to look at the inner chambers of the buildings old 4,600 years.

Bent Pyramid is one of the earliest built in the time of the Old Kingdom Pharaoh Sneferu, father of Khufu. This pyramid has two entrances that open to two lanes, leading to two burial chambers, placed one above the other.

Tajoubi Mehdi, head of Egypt’s “Heritage Innovation Preservation Institute”, said plates placed 40 days inside the pyramid collected data on the particles that make up the bulk of the cosmic radiation that reaches Earth’s surface. The particles fall through empty space, but also absorb and other surfaces. A study of the deposition of particles on the surface, scientists have concluded much about the construction of the pyramids.

“We analyzed more than 10 million tracks of particles. Based on the number and angle which they are deployed, we could reconstruct a picture. It is the first time in history in this way to be discovered the inside of the pyramid,” explained Tajoubi, adding that the idea the project is to find an answer to the mystery of the pyramids, or how they were built. It is thought that Sneferu was buried inside the hidden chamber in the pyramid, but it has denied so far.

3D scanning technology and lasers will be used to study the hidden chamber in the tomb of Tutankhamun, which is believed to have belonged to Queen Nefertiti, says Daily mail.