See How The Darkest Material In The World Looks

The paint used on the Hubble telescope of NASA is one of the darkest colors in space. Actually it was…


That color on the telescope is used to reduce the “wander” light, so the instrument can shoot the best possible photographs of our solar system and beyond.

But scientists from the British company “Surrey NanoSystems” did something very, very black. Their material is called Vantablack and is so dark that they simply can’t measure how black. The company reported a YouTube video in which they compare their material with the color used on the Hubble telescope NASA called Aeroglaze Z306.

However, Vantablack Aeroglaze Z306 makes it look like it isn’t black. When the two materials are direct light, it can easily be seen that the color Aeroglaze Z306, reflects light, while it is not the case with incredible Vantablack material, and the same happens when a laser is directed to both materials.


Vantablack material is able to absorb virtually all the light and its reflection is so small that the human eye can not notice. It is made of densely arranged carbon nanotubes – are so close that the light penetrates inside, but can’t get out.

The company has tested Surrey NanoSystems Vantablack with hope that can be used for similar needs and that one day you can ever replace the darkest material in the world, Aeroglaze Z306.

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