World Neuroscientist Claims: “Everything Around Us Is An Illusion”

Everything around us is probably an illusion, and that are the claims of the neuroscientist Donald Hoffman.

This influential scientist believes that our brains lock up the reality of us, because otherwise things for us would be pretty chaotic.

Hoffman says that our brains probably evolved so they simplify things, just as, for example, desktop computer make it even easier to visualize documents in the form of small squares.

Hoffman has also illustrated his point by showing a real document on the computer desktop.

  • The icon is blue and rectangular, and is located in the lower right corner of the desktop, he said.

  • Does it mean that the document is blue rectangle in the right corner of the computer? Of course not. The icon is not here to achieve a realistic portrayal, it actually hides us that reality. And that’s the key idea – evolution shaped us to have a perception that still allows us to survive. Part of it is from us to hide things that still may not have to know. If in the past you’ve spent time thinking about what is really real, it wouldn’t be really careless.

What do you think, is there any truth in all this?

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