Test For KGB Agents: Can You Solve This Puzzle?

Testy your intelligence with this puzzle, which among other things, has been used for the preparation of intelligence in the Soviet Union.

In the former Soviet Union, students had to pass these puzzles in order to be accepted in their University. But, in this way, they were also examining the candidates for job in the KGB.

You can try yourselves! Look at the picture below and give ‘smart’ answers to these questions.

Test For KGB Agents


1. Have these people camped multiple times?

2. Do they know how to keep a household well?

3. Is the river navigable?

4. Will the clothes dry for a long time?

5. Is the sunflower going to continue to grow?

6. How far is the city from the camp?

7. In which city does the airplane fly?


1. It is obvious that they are camping for the first time – experienced campers would never set up a tent in the valley.

2. Probably not. The fish should not be cleaned from the head, the button shouldn’t be sewed with too long thread and the tree is not cut with an axe in this way.

3. The river is navigable we can see that by the navigation features of the coastline.

4. It won’t. There is a wind and we can figure that out by the hooks.

5. The sunflower is probably broken and planted in the ground, given that his flower isn’t turned facing the Sun, and a broken herb will definitely not grow.

6. Not more than 100 kilometers – at a greater distance the TV antennas would be more complex. 7. In no one. It is a plane for agricultural work.

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