The Discovery On The Edge Of The Solar System Could Have Cost Our Lives

And while we’re all accustomed to the apocalypse to be officially event which regularly occurs every year, researcher and professor at the University of Louisiana, Daniel Vajtmir claims that it will happen already at the end of this April.

In fact a few months ago was discovered another planet under the name Planet 9, located on the very edge of the solar system behind Neptune and Vajtmir claims that this planet will be responsible for the destruction of the Earth.

According to his research, Planet 9 daily passes through the asteroid belt whereas then redirecting part of the asteroids in various directions, and exactly one of them could be directed directly toward Earth.

Daniel Vajtmir emphasized that because of this, the newly discovered Planet 9 could be the “culprit” for the destruction of life on Earth, which again occurred before whole 27 years, and that there is a high probability for history to repeat itself.

The Discovery On The Edge Of The Solar System Could Have Cost Our Lives

While the existence of Planet 9 has not been resolved completely, individual researchers have found anomalies around her, just at the edge of the solar system. The invention assumes that the planet is about 10 times the size of Earth and only just “floats” right there “on the brink of the abyss.”

However, whether it will be expensive for the life of humanity, it only remains to wait and see.

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