Russian Woman Warned Intelligence and World Public: While Driving a Pokémon, the CIA Made a Detailed Map!

Valentina Amelina, a resident of Rostov-on-Don, is categorically against the game “Pokemon Go” in Russia, because, as she says, it’s all “butter” of US special services.

Amelina has sent a letter to the Federal Security Service of Russia in which explains in detail why this seemingly harmless game strategically dangerous and should be banned in Russia.

Authors of games associated with the “Google” and “Google” is funded by official fund the CIA, says Valentina Amelina, reported The Komsomoljskaja justice.

“They are in this way solve important cartographic tasks, restore all the data on roads, bases and so on. And once the cards were strategically important and even a state secret. In civilian maps are sometimes even deliberately typed incorrect information. Cars-robots peek at all streets, charted all our cities, vehicles, people … he remained a problem. as a peek into our homes, basements, dark alley, barracks, government institutions and so on. And so, creates a brilliant addictive game “Pokemon Go ”.

Amelina further writes that the hunt for Pokemon and attempts to take their picture we actually teach themselves do not know who the premises where we are, but the geographical coordinates.

“Congratulations! You have just recorded your entire apartment! In other words, they followed us and continued to follow us.”

And in addition to voluntary and joyful mapping of everything, opens yet so many options, it says still Russian.

“If ‘you know who’ wants this moment to find out what was going on in the State Duma, will begin to vibrate phones deputies Parliament, cleaners, journalists: Pikachu is near, say to your phone. And happy people will leap forward to joining cameras and microphones. ”

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