Cannabis and the US elections

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The opinion of the politicians regarding the use of the cannabis is progressing very quickly. Also the people of America are struggling in order to legalize the weed in all the states for medical use. From June 2016, twenty –five states and Washington D.C. have legalized the cannabis for medical use. This movement of legalization has reached big success during these last five years. As the market grows the competition becomes also bigger. In the States where Cannabis is legal for recreational use, new products like new cannabis strains appear next to traditionally good and famous strains like white widow. Also, cannabis edible products give cooking and eating, literally, another dimension. Now the Drug Enforcement Administration is considering to reclassify the marijuana from Schedule 1 to accepted medical use.  This step has very big importance for the presidential candidates, their opinion regarding this issue, are they pro or con, and where do they stand. How would voters react to their opinions and how would this affect to their votes.

Let’s take a look where the presidential candidates stand on the weed:


Hillary Clinton

She thinks that the medical cannabis should be legalized and would be happy to reclassify it from Schedule 1 drug to Schedule 2 (has medical value, but highly addictive), so the medical researchers can do more investigations, on how the cannabis would influence the health, positive or negative. She also thinks that the people of America should have the right to vote in order to legalize and regulate the adult recreational use. She believes that marijuana would help the people who are in cancer treatment, or others who have other types of chronic diseases and suffer from extreme pain. Maybe if the scientist can do research about this, it would ease the sick people and at the same time all of us would learn about it as much as possible. So according to Clinton, the only reasonable thing to do is to support the research into the medical cannabis, because the people of America would experience only a benefit from it.


Gary Johnson

Gary is the one of many people that has used the cannabis for medical purposes. He says that he is the highest-ranking official in the USA to call for the legalization of the cannabis. He believes that the cannabis products directly compete with the legal prescription drugs, that kill many people per year. On the other hand, there is no documented death, as a result of consuming marihuana.

As far as concerning the recreational use, he believes that when the cannabis would be legalized, the people will replace it – as a safer alternative, instead of taking much more dangerous and highly addictive substances. For example, the marijuana is safer that the alcohol. Gary Johnson endorsed the initiatives in order to legalize the cannabis for adult recreational use in Alaska, Colorado, Oregon, and Washington. “By managing marijuana like alcohol and tobacco—regulating, taxing and enforcing its lawful use—America will be better off. Alcohol Prohibition (1920-1933) had only a minimal effect on the desire of Americans to drink but pushing alcohol underground had other effects: overdose deaths, gang violence, and other prohibition-related harms increased dramatically during the Prohibition years.”

Donald Trump

In 1990’s Donald Trump said that the people are losing the war with the drugs. And in order to win the war, America should legalize the drugs. During the time his opinion has changed. Today he thinks that the cannabis should be legalized for medical use, but not for adult recreational use. The second one he would leave it for each state to decide it if they should legalize it or not.

In one of his speeches, he said to Nevada voters that he would support letting states decide whether they want to legalize adult recreational use.


Jill Stein

As a doctor she supports the legalization and regulating marijuana for medical and adult recreational use. She believes that the marijuana is dangerous only because is illegal, and is not as dangerous as the alcohol and the tobacco which are legal. The danger of the marihuana is the violence that stands behind it, all because it is illegal. When the marijuana would be legalized the violence would end. The crime and the violence related to the cannabis trafficking would end.

As a president she would direct DEA to remove the cannabis from Schedule 1 and to replace it to more appropriate category, which would be determined by the medical science.

She believes that it is about time to dump the black market and to start selling the cannabis under a regulatory framework. In this manner many problems regarding this issue would be solved. “The real danger of marijuana is the violence of the underground drug economy created by prohibition.”

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