Russian Expert Reveals: Here’s How to Strengthen Your Immunity in Just 15 Seconds!

Professor Dr. Sergey Bubnovsky, the famous Moscow Chinese therapy specialist recommends a simple method.


Do you have a problem with a weak immune system? Professor Dr. Sergey Bubnovsky, a Russian expert, offers you the simplest solution ever!

Professor Dr. Sergey Bubnovsky suggests that you can strengthen your immunity by using this method: every evening, after a hard working day, in your bathtub, put a big bowl of ice-cold water.


Avoid contact with hot water. Get in the icy water in the tub with bare feet and tap or dance, as you wish, for 10-15 seconds. Next, get out of the tub, wipe your feet with a rough towel and put on woolen socks. Do this every night before bed time and you’ll notice the difference. If you have cough or cold, repeat this process every four hours. Stepping in the ice-cold water won’t make your state worse, on the contrary, it will improve your immunity, Dr. Sergey says.

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