Coughing for Years, she thought it was Allergy: And then She learned the Painful Truth

“Whenever you think, that is something wrong with your body, it probably is. If only I could do everything from the beginning first I would, go and see a doctor. Always be your personal lawyer.” This is an advice from Jessica Decristofaro.

Jessica, 28 years old girl from Miami, with a rising carrier, has changed her life overnight. Although she knew that something is wrong with her health, the doctors were telling her, that her continues cough is caused by an allergy.

The medications for allergy did not help her, therefore the doctors told her that she probably has a stomach ulcer. She was advised to change her diet, which helped for a while. But shortly, her caught came back.



She started to feel pain in her stomach and with the time, the pain became stronger. Also a lymph node under her armpit has appeared. One day, when the pain became unbearable, she went to the emergency assistance. After having all the possible examinations, she has been discovered Hodgkin lymphoma.

Jessica said that she had to travel because of her work, therefore she thought that she would receive some prescriptions and then leave, but on her surprise she stayed all night for further tests.

She was transferred to the hospital, where more testing were made and afterwards she was told that her condition is very serious.



Jessica: “My mother is a nurse, and as soon as she saw the lymph node’s biopsy results, she knew that I was having lymphoma”

In February she was told about the Hodgkin lymphoma– a rear type of cancer. Her oncologist freaked out, because he could not believe that this type of cancer was not discovered earlier.

Jessica: “Whenever you think, that is something wrong with your body,  it probable is. If I could only do everything from the beginning, I would go sooner to the emergency, I would go to other hospital,  so the doctors would perform all the nessecarry examinations”



In the hospital the nurses named her Barbie, because she was fearless and every day she was wearing makeup and a wig . When her disease came back, she went through 20 radiotherapies and 6 chemotherapies.

Jessica: “It was very hard, because nobody told me, what I was about to experience. I was so much sick that I didn’t know what to do. My hair was falling in clumps, I was sick from it and it lead me to the edge. I couldn’t stand it emotionally. I had to find all the books which contained information regarding my situation”

Jessica shares this info on her blog in order to help other people.

Jessica: “I started my blog and opened an Instagram profile so I would ease myself this process. I met so many people, that are going through the same as I am. It saved me.”

Her story tells us one very important thing: Always listen to your own body, because if something is wrong,  it would alarm us.