Does the Blood Type Make You Easy Target for the Mosquitoes? Which One Are You?

Why the mosquitoes bite YOU precisely?


Believe it or not, the research show that there are several things that makes you attractive target for these annoying insects.

Pregnancy – the mosquitos are attracted by the carbon dioxide which is released during breathing. The pregnant women produce larger quantity of carbon dioxide, which make them more attractive target for the mosquitos than the other human beings.

After work out – do not be surprised if you are attacked by the mosquitos right after you finished jogging or other physical activity. They are “glued” on the lactic acid, which while workout is produced in the muscles more than usual.

While drinking alcohol– the experts are claiming that consuming the alcohol increases our attractiveness for the mosquitos. Basically the alcohol increases our body temperature and makes us easy target.

Blood type – The researches show that people who have  blood type O, attracts the mosquitos in 83% from the cases. On the other hand, it is interesting to know the fact that the people with blood type A, are at least attractive.

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