Carefull – Colors used for Tattoos are causng Cancer

The scientists claim that the tattoos can cause cancer and some colors are more toxic than others. The research showed hazardousness.

Some chemicals used in tattoo ink can be carcinogenic and some colors are worse than others.

Color Inks

Color Inks

The European Chemicals Agency (ECHA), investigated the health difficulties from the tattooing. This is a result of the studies which discovered different harmful side effects,

The ECHA:  “We are worried because the color tattoo inks  jeopordise public health  .”

Certain color ingredients are causing allergies. They can have mutagenic and carcinogenic effects on humans. Also have the negative effect on the fertility. Problem:The European Union does not have any regulation for tattoos.   China exports many cheap inks.

“For imposing restrictions, we will file a claim soon to ban certain things.” – the agency opinion

Which colors are the most dangerous?

Tattooed people get granulomas – small bumps on the skin. This  is because of the blue, green and the purple ink colors.  At the same time, the scientists discovered that the red color causes dermatitis, swelling and sensitivity because it contains mercury sulfide.

One of the gaps and hazards that tattooists make is the fact  that many of them are not wearing gloves while working and do not re-sterilisable tattoo needles.

Also, the National Health Organization pointed out the harmfulness of the black and the neutral color. There is chemical color in the dark type of inks. On the other hand, the original orange is  strong and toxic. To use these chemicals for the skin – is illegal.

In some countries from the tattooist is required to register with the health and their local authorities, and will be regulated by laws and can decide who can register.

So, before you consider to put on a tattoo, check what kind of colors your tattooer is using.

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