These are the Deaths that Marked the Olympics Over the Years

Through the years, the Olympics have experienced highs and lows, triumphs and scandals.

They have also been the arena for several tragic events.

When a certain event has such a long and rich history as the Olympic games, it is very clear that there are some moments, that would highlight more the others. Although there were many victories at the Olympics, unfortunately, we will remember the tragic moments as well.

Throughout the history, the Olympics was a place of tragedies, political scandals, and death. Starting from the modern Olympics, since 1912, there were around 25 death cases.

Here are some of the most shocking tragedies that happened at the Olympic games:

  1. Nikolas Bochatay: the 1991 Swiss speed skiing champion, was qualified for the 1992 Albertville winter Olympic games in France. Nicolas on February 22nd, before the Olympics, had a fatal accident, while warming up on the ski slope.
  2. Sochi Street Dogs: During the 2014 Sochi winter games there was a mass killing of a stray dog in order to clear the city and to prepare it for the upcoming fans as well as the athletes. Unfortunately, many dogs were killed, until a Russian millionaire used his fortune to build a shelter where the dogs would be safe.
  3. Knud Jensen: Danish cyclist, who was a part of the Danish cycling team at the 1960 Rome Summer Games. After passing the finish line, of a temperature of 40 Celsius degrees, Knud was feeling dizzy and while collapsing he fractured his skull and died shortly that afternoon.
  4. Centennial Olympic Park: Designed to be a central square of the 1996 Atlanta games, the Centennial Olympic Park could hold thousands of people. On a late night concert, a bag with three pipe bombs has been found on a bench. Although it was reported, and the area was cleared – the bombs detonated and two people were killed. Over a hundred others were injured as a result of the panic and the explosion.

Check the rest of the tragedies in the following video:

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