Parasites, Viruses are the Reason for Cancer and Other Diseases

Dr. Hulda Clark claimed: Parasites, viruses are the reason that causes cancer, liver disease, and the other hard curing diseases.

The American doctor Hulda Clark Reger (1928-2009) came to an extremely important discovery. It led to a new direction in the medicine development.
She was a physiologist, biophysicist, and author of eight books for alternative medicine. Cancer was the topic of six of them.
She studied at the Canadian University of Saskatchewan, where she graduated medicine with the highest grades. Her studies continued at the University of Minnesota.  There she  studied biophysics and physiology of cells.

In the year of 1979, Doctor Clark started with own investigations.

Most of all, she  dealt with independent researchers from all the aspects of the human diseases.Cancer was her main focus. This has led her to study the negative factors on the human’s health- parasites, fungi, bacteria, heavy metals, various solutions and radioactivity. She tried to find the cure between the herbs, etheric oils, orthomolecular medicine and frequent therapy.  Very much important for her is the dental health. Her approach for self-healing touched thousands of people across the world. These people gain the possibility and the knowledge to help themselves.

Doctor Clark has been warned many times by the health institution.

She was warned many times, by the official health institutions. This didn’t stop her to spread her knowledge and to contribute to the public health.Her conclusion is that every disease comes from the parasites.   They pollute  the human organism.
Doktor Clark exceptionally loved the nature and though that everyone can heal themselves. Always searched for the cause of the disease, which is the base of symptoms. As a part of her research  was overseeing more people with the same disease and tried to understand what to they have common.
A certain parasite can cause any disease ,which she detects it with her own invention –  ‘Synchrometer’ device for detecting parasites.

Her research result is the cognition that the direct electrical activity would kill the bacteria, viruses, and the parasites.

She developed several steps that are critical to recovery:

  • Kill the parasites –with electrical power or treatment with herbs
  • Remove toxins from the body
  • Get rid of stones in the bile with purification of the liver
  • Remove the stones from the kidneys with naturally cleansing  these organs

She developed her personal, world-famous antiparasitic program. With that one, she cured thousands of people. But not only from cancer  but  also of many other diseases.

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