This is What Happens When you are Struck by Lightning

Somewhere in the sky, in the guts of a storm, lightning is forming.

There are three different ways lightning can strike your body:
  • A direct strike hits your body and travels through into the earth
  • A side flash hits an object that strikes you
  • A ground strikes contact the earth and travels through you as it does so.

How to survive getting struck by lightning

BuzzFeed in their new video, says that man is four times more likely to get hit by lightning. In this video is explained which processes happen in the human body after struck by lightning.

There are  have several consequences to the victims. First of all, they have burns and wounds on the body. The clothes can catch fire and shoes may fly off when lightning exits the body. The heart can stop working, and the electrical currents will overheat the brain. This can cause coma or brain damage, and damage to nerve cells, causing paralysis.

Scars from Lightning Struck

The lightning can cause cracking of the eardrums, muscle tremors, milder symptoms such as nausea, headaches, upset stomach, dizziness, muscle aches, fatigue, etc. Some victims may experience personality change.