I will Love You until I Die: We will be Together until Eternity

Henry and Jeanette De Lange, after 63 years of marriage, died  together within 20 minutes of each other.

It’s one of those stories that rarely comes around once in a lifetime. A story of an elderly man and woman with incredible faith and 63 years of marriage, dying together.

They couldn’t live their life without each other. This couple spent all of their lives together. being together,  they raised 5 children and left the world together.

This loving couple died ten days ago in a nursing home in South Dakota. 83- years old Jeanette died first. Her husband held her hand until he didn’t drop his last breath.

Though it was a difficult day losing both parents, the children of Henry and Jeanette De Lange said their deaths were a beautiful way to end the lives they spent almost entirely together.

Their son said Li De Lange said: “My brother Kit told me that mum went to heaven. Now dad, if he wishes.  can go as well. He opened his eyes and saw mum on her bed. He closed them again. Lay down and died within 5 to 10 minutes later”

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