These Are The Ten Books That Predicted The Future

The books offer us incredible insight into our past and present, but what about the future? The following text will tell you something about the way, how some authors wrote novels that predicted some events that happen later.

Starting with “Nineteen Eighty-four” by  GEORGE ORWELL to “The World Set Free” by H.G.WELLS  where he predicts the atomic bomb, there are many books that predicted the future.

  1. The World Set Free by H.G.WELLS

    Written three decades before the detonation before the first atomic bomb, H.G. Wells predicted the invention of nuclear weapons. In the book, Wells describes the invention of uranium- based hand grenades with infinite power, which he calls atomic bombs. He writes that they threaten the existence of the mankind. When Wells was writing his novel, the scientists knew were aware that radioactive elements could release huge amounts of energy. But it wasn’t until decades later physicist Leo Szilard read The World Set Free, that the atomic bomb was able to become a reality.

  2.  Neuromancer by WILLIAM GIBSON

    Gibson’s  novel predicted the World Wide Web. The academics were using the internet by the 198os. However, Neuromancer introduced the idea of everyday people being connected by a global network of millions of computers.  The predicted powers of Gibs led author Jack Womack in 2000 to ask “what if the act of writing it down, in fact, brought it about?”Besides the World Wide Web, Gibson  predicted Uber and virtual reality tools very similar to Google Glass.

  3. Nineteen Eighty-four by  GEORGE ORWELL

    When in 2013 whistleblower Edward Snowden revealed that the United States National Security Agency was operating a global surveillance citizens, journalists across the pond  posed the question: Are we living in 1984? In the Orwellian dystopia, citizens are watched by the  Big Brother.  In the real world, however, our telescreens come in the form of mobile phones.The technological possibilities of  surveillance and data collection surpass even what Orwell imagined. With our social media accounts and online communicators being monitored as default by   government agencies.

    Watch the following video. It shows which are the books, besides the abovementioned, that predicted the future.

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