Do you Believe in Destiny? It is Written…on The Stars

According to some beliefs, destiny  is a force that determines the life of every individual and that one can never escape. And according to these beliefs, everything is predetermining, starting from the birth, until the day we die.

According to these beliefs, events and experiences that happen to a man, they are considered as part of his destiny. Also if one person cannot achieve something despite all of his efforts, it means that it was not meant to be.

Through the history, there are many people who aren’t satisfied with the fact that there is only physical explanation for the various diseases, accidents, and early death. Therefore, they assume that behind these accidents, there is some kind of surreal reason. The thought of the phenomena destiny and those believes, make the life easier. They enable acceptance of the events, despite their obvious injustices and irregularities.

There are different skills and sciences that are trying the explain the connection between the people and the destiny. The astrology claims that the arrangement of the stars at the time of birth determine the fate, while some forms of divination are assuming that fate can be discovered with reading the palm or with the help of interpretation of dreams.

The belief that the world and life is a product of destiny of that cannot be influenced, it is actually an escape from taking responsibility. The scientists believe that only if we manage to take responsibilities for our actions, we will stop believing in the phenomena called destiny. People are active creatures, capable of bringing  their own decisions, which are adjusted to the reality and the purposes that we need to set.

What about the love? As one famous quote from the movie “Only you” 1994 (Marisa Tomei and Robert Downey Jr.) says:

Do you believe in destiny? It is written…on the stars

Isn’t the thought of this romantic? But scary at the same time?

Just like the rest of the things in life, the destiny and believing in it, are two opposing beliefs. Although we want to believe that the destiny does exist and we expect that our ideal partner, at the right time, at the right place will show up in our life, it does not mean that we should sit and wait to happen. We should stand up and go for it.

Take a look at this beautiful animation video that makes us believe in destiny:

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