Pokemon Go News:Pentagon Bans Game the Pokemon hunt

Phenomena Pokémon Go starts to develop to an unexpected direction. There are several reasons why Pentagon bans it to their employees.

On Friday, the officials of the American ministry of defense banned to all of their employee downloading and playing the game on their government-issued smartphones.

“You can assume the reasons, why this wouldn’t be smart.  The taxpayers are not going to be very happy with having their money wasted on games. The employees should use their government-issued smartphones primarily for work” said Gordon Tribich , deputy spokesman in Pentagon.

The Pokémon Go was developed by „Niantic Labs “in cooperation with “Nintendo” and its subsidiary „The Pokémon Company”. This game encourages the users to go searching the virtual characters in the virtual public space.

This game caused lots of bizarre but also tragic incidents.

Previously in July, the spokesman of the American State department, Jon Kirby has interrupted his speech. It happened during his briefing dedicated to the fight against jihadist group Islamic State (IS). The reason was that one of his correspondents was vain by the virtual game Pokémon Go

There are other facilities which ban the game in their premises. However, that’s not going to change the popularity of Pokemon Go. Right now, it is still the most popular game worldwide.

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