The Eye Circles are Not Always Pointer to Poor Health

The eye circles are not always pointer of poor health. There are other reasons as well why do they appear.

The medical term is “periorbital hyperpigmentation”. Because this appearance is not a subject of the dermatology is hasn’t been investigated in details. The fact that we know is that the skin under the eyes is thinner than on the other places. The blood vessels can be seen beneath that part of the skin, therefore the skin itself is darker.

Hayley Goldbach a dermatologist from the University of California in LA claims that the eye circles can mean that the face has a darker pigment. Also, that there is a shadow effect or that the blood vessels are visible under the skin.

During the examination of the patients, the skin is stretching. If the eye circles become darker it means that they exist due to the visible blood vessels. If not, then the skin it is loose. Between the eyes, nose and the cheeks are situated the tear ducts. They are a passage through which tears pass from the lachrymal glands to the eye or from the eye to the nose.

periorbital hyperpigmentation

There are several reasons why do people have eye circles.

Usually, the dermatologists while determining the reason for them are looking at the color. If they are pink, blue or red, the reasons are the blood vessels. If they are brown, then there is extra melatonin I the skin.

However, the eye circles also can appear due to the aging process. Or because of the lack of sleep.

The bags below the eyes can appear due to salty food as well. For example, if you ate for dinner a French fry, then do not be surprised if in the morning you have eye bags.

The experience also shows that the eye bags can appear as a result of the allergies. When we scratch our eyes or when we cry.

The cosmetologists can “cure” them with many whitening creams, pilings even with laser treatments.

Some dermatologists apply vitamin C directly to the eye circles. Other recommend sunbathing.

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