We Need To Stop Treating the Soil like Dirt and Start Respecting It More

What would happen if we lived in a world where many things are different? There wouldn’t be a threat of breakdown, there wouldn’t be a crisis of freshwater. The antibiotics would work, there wouldn’t be obesity, no terrorism, no war.

Of course, then we would be safe and would live out of the major danger. I am afraid that is not true.

For a fact, we should turn our attention to a something more important. Something that we have neglected and we are not aware of it.We are destroying our nature, we are trashing our rainforests, our precious habitats.

The landowners around the world are massively destructing the soil and according to the UN’s Food and Agriculture Organization, the world on average has just 60 more years of growing crops.

Even in the UK, which is spared from the climate changes that so quickly strip exposed soil from the land, Farmers Weekly says that they have only 100 harvests left.  In order to have good global food demand, The UN estimates that every year will be needed 6m hectares (14.8m acres). Instead, 12 meters hectares per year are lost through soil degradation.


We Need To Stop Treating the Soil like Dirt and Start Respecting It More

The soil is very important part of our planet. It is a living system where we plant our food, our source of oxygen, our live.  Starvation has threatened us because of the techniques that were supposed to feed the world  .

Analyses from a paper in the journal Anthropocene have been published about the undistributed sediments in an 11th century French Lake. It says that it has been increased the rate of soil erosion sixtyfold.

Other study shows that the soil in allotments contains a third more organic carbon than agricultural soil and 25% more nitrogen. This is one of the reasons why allotment holders produce between four and 11 times more food per hectare than do farmers.

The international Year of Soils is coming. In January, the Westminster government published a new set of soil standards, which are better than the previous, but are not matching with the scale of the problem.

Afterward, there were businessmen who tried to do some reforms in order to increase the financial security of the British people. But it doesn’t increase our security, financial or otherwise. It undermines it

Thanks to the globalization we know that the disaster is happening everywhere. Thanks to the globalization people do not depend on the local production. But if the disaster is happening everywhere, then the humanity will come to starvation.

Short-term growth at the expense of public protection compromises long-term survival

Almost all other issues are superficial by comparison. What appear to be great crises are slight and evanescent when held up against the steady trickling away of our subsistence

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