Finally Revealed the Reason We Experience Deja Vu

Many of us have found ourselves in a certain situation, that it seems that we have already gone through it, in the past. It is known as Deja Vu.

So far a bunch of theories why this happens are provided, but none of them has been proven for sure.Therefore, this phenomenon remains, as one of the biggest mysteries in the human history.

But scientists have a new explanation for this strange phenomenon of the brain. The Scottish professor Akira O’Connor believes that this phenomenon is a result of the verification of the facts made by our brain.

In order to prove his theory, Dr. O’Connor conducted a series of experiments in which he artificially caused the appearance of Déjà Vu. The participants were told  a certain number of words which were connected, but at the same time, the main concept to all of these words was left out. For example, they heard the words: “pillow”; “bed”; “night” but not the word “sleep”.

Then the researchers asked participants whether they heard the  word with the letter “s” in it and the answer was negative. But later, when the participants were asked the same question, the majority of them said they have heard the word “sleep.” They really thought they heard the word because it logically belongs to the rest of the series of words.

Deja Vu

The brains of the participants began to question their memories,and at that moment, there was a strong sense of deja vu.

The MRI showed that the most active parts of the brain in those moments were those which are responsible for decision-making, not memories. Dr. O’Connor assumed that these areas of the brain have created a sense of déjà vu because they follow the memories and look for mistakes in them. When they will find some inconsistencies, they activate immediately. Then we experience creepy feeling that it has already happened to us.

Deja Vu 1

According to another researcher Stefan Keller from Canada, during this phenomenon ,it is possible to happen a conflict in the brain.

It is necessary to collect a lot more data before proving these theories, but if one of them is true, the phenomenon of déjà vu will finally be revealed.

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