What Happened During the Last Moments of the Yuri Gagarin’s Life ?

The death of Yuri Gagarin even today is a great mystery.

The first man in space, Yuri Gagarin, has disappeared 34 years ago, on March 1968, during a routine flight. His small plane has collided with the aircraft MiG-15, about 90 km from Moscow.

The main question was – what happened during his last moments?

The latest investigation of the Gagarin’s death was completed in 2011. There was a report which is the official version of the Kremlin. The report said that the astronaut died because of a wrong maneuver because he has been trying to avoid an object that suddenly appeared on his route.

Yuri Gagarin

The stated object was probably a balloon.Many people doubt about the way he died. The skeptics claim that such a trivial incident could not happen to a professional pilot.

Among the biggest skeptics is a friend of Gagarin, Alexei Leonov, who was near the scene of the accident

While he was flying in a helicopter nearby, he heard two loud explosions. It seemed to him that the explosions were from a pilot of a fighter jet, a plane that wasn’t supposed to be there. According to Leonov, Gagarin turned sharply in order to avoid the danger.

Yuri Gagarin _1

“We knew that the same day a “Sukhoi-15”, was supposed to be tested. But also the jet’s pilot was supposed to fly a height of 10.000 meters, not on 400-500.He broke the rules”

The answer probably lies in some historical data. Russia has committed to begin its space program, in order to set serious strikes to his opponent in the Cold War. Therefore it was very important to maintain a positive image, and thus it was impossible to acknowledge their own error or omission of the trained military pilot. However, the accident that happened near Moscow could disrupt the strict, rigorous and unmistakable image.

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