The Ancient Question: What Happens To the Soul After Death?

And today’s generation of scientists persistently tries to clarify the mystery surrounding the death.

So far, these are their scientific theories about what happens to the human, when the heart stops beating and the brain stops working.

What happens to the soul after death?

  1. Nothing happens
    Dr. Wendy Wright, a neurologist at Emory University is among the scientific majority who claims that after the death, nothing spectacular happens. The reason that some patients see the light, or they find their close deceased and feel peace, is just a trick of the brain which is caused by the release of endorphins, the hormone of happiness and satisfaction.
  2. The soul may separate from the body
    According to Dr. Bruce Grayson, a psychiatrist at the University of Virginia, the mind can function independently of the body. His theory is based on his research, with patients who had so-called close encounters with the death. They experienced a journey towards the light, followed by amazing peace, love and a sense of leaving the physical world. Many other psychiatrists and neurologists assign these hallucinations that occur because of the enormous stress in such moments. But according to Dr. Grayson, that is not true because also the patients had these experience at a moment when their brain did not work.

    What Else?

  3. We Never Die
    The Expert in biocentrism Robert Lanza argues that both the time and space do not exist in the objective world, but they are  only tools in our head that we serve to measure and understand the world around us. Hence, it can not be argued that there is a piece of time in which we exist. Actually we never really die, death is a just restart of the life with new opportunities.
  4. The Soul freely travels in the universe
    Scientists Stuart Hameroff and Roger Penrose, the answer to this ancient question find, in the structures which lie in the brain cells, and carry information that provides awareness and can not be destroyed. According to this theory, when the body dies, these structures in brain cells lose their quantum state and the information are released and travel freely throughout the universe. If doctors manage to return the body to life, then the information is returned to him, and the human experiences it as a close encounter with the death.

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