Here are Few Ways, How you Can Boost Your Memory

Given the everyday obligations that we are surrounded with, we keep facing with working tasks. No matter how good our memory is,sometimes we simply forgot them.

While we’re young we do not think about it, but we must feed  our brain memory in order to keep it at a good level,in times when we will need it the most.

How are we going to do that?

  1. Exercise
    The exercising, especially the running helps us improve our memory. Some scientists have performed research on rats and it showed that while running have secreted proteins and vitamin B, with which the neurons are fed. But if you try to remember something, for eg. presentation, some studies show that it is best to learn the material, to wait a few hours and then exercise. Thus you will remember better the learned lessons.


  2. Consume healthy food for the brain
    Walnuts are particularly good for improving memory, which you can add to your daily diet. Some findings which appeared in the journal for Alzheimer disease, suggests that antioxidants in walnuts may slow the decline of cognitive ability. Also fish are excellent food for the brain because they contain omega 3 fatty acids that keep the brain in good condition.
    Healthy Foods
  3. Drink  coffee
    This is another reason why it is good to drink coffee. Studies show that caffeine increases the process of memory storage in the brain. Not only you will remember many things, but also you will have less risk of death caused by cardiovascular diseases, neurological disorders and diabetes type 2.


  4. Take a regular nap
    Researchers from the University of California found out, that the autonomic nervous system which controls the activities such as the breathing, heart beating, and digestion, also helps to  boost the memory while you are sleeping . Furthermore, sleeping helps short-term memory to become long-term. A daily nap can help you to think more flexible .


  5. Have a schedule for eating and do not eat at night
  6. Laugh often
  7. Practice yoga
  8. Stay busy

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