WIKILEAKS: 100,000 Secret Hillary Documents To Be Released

Julian Assange, the founder of Wikileaks, claims that many documents about Hillary Clinton’s campaign will be released soon. He reiterated that the public has the right to know about the truth. Assange had earlier stated that this would an “October surprise” that would put Clinton’s election dream into a nightmare. This release will be following the thousands of page of emails documents hacked from the DNC (Democratic National Committee). Though Assange did not release considerable details about these documents, he says they have been working on these contents diligently. He also mentioned that many people are inspired by the response of the DNC publications and they have stepped up with more material. He mentioned this in a radio interview with Sean Hannity. The stated the first batch would be coming as soon as next week, but surely it shall be released before the elections.


This disclosure will pack a significant punch to Hillary Clinton’s election dreams. It all depends on how the public will perceive it and the media’s reaction to this exposure. Assange hinted that the documents vary in their types and are related to election campaigns. It is suspected that Wikileaks took the assistance of Russian intelligence in hacking the DNC which Assange does not deny and defended his point that people have the right to know and understand whom they are electing. It was also mentioned that Donald Trump does make controversial statements, but he is not connected to DNC until now and hence has a clean chit and nothing can be found against him. Assange also criticised that the press should not allow a ruling party candidate to label the opposition party members and press as foreign agents. In the awakening of the DNC leaks, there was a few resignation of top officials. The disclosure will be a wake-up call for the people and Wikileaks are adamant that they will do it.

It is to be noted that not so long ago Hillary Clinton stated that she did not know that the emails on her server are classified or not. When she was asked what the “C” in brackets would mean before the start of the paragraph within the mail means, she replied that she thought it was to mark the paragraphs into alphabetical order. This is a blatant lie because she has used “C” within the paragraphs of her emails. Obviously, the FBI is with Clinton and she was given the “benefit of doubt”. But that is past, but what about now? What clarification will she give? This is wake up call for the people and a last chance for them to decide who is the perfect candidate in the coming elections.


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