Google Tracks Every Move You Do, And Here Is The Link To Prove It!


Everyone knows that the location setting on a standard phone is on at all times. It is no secret that the government is using technology to keep tabs on its people. It is not very known, however, that Google Maps app is tracking smartphone users everywhere throughout their day.


In fact, there is a link to prove it. If a smartphone user goes to the website below, they can see where they have been for the past month. All the user has to do is put in the email and password that they use for their smartphone information.

Even though it is not proven that there is any way to stop the government from tracking every move, regardless of setting changes, it is possible to shut off the Google Maps access.

The user must go into maps, and find settings. Once there, they can go to history. There the user can disable location history. This does not get rid of the past storage, however. To do this, the user must access the history, and wipe everything up to thirty days.

There is not promise that this will actually inhibit location services and it is still possible that Google is storing this information without telling the user. This would not be the first time a company has done this. Google’s new app, Allo has even been accused of storing user’s conversations. It has also been said that Google is able and willing to share these conversations with police at any given time.

There is no safe way to avoid tracking without completely going off the grid. Most are not willing to make that large of a sacrifice for privacy. It seems that these types of technologies are only getting worse and more plentiful. No app is safe from government tracking, and one must be careful.

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