He wanted “DEATH RAYS” The First Man who saw Tesla’s Secret Cabinet was Donald Trump’s uncle!

That September 1936, reporter of the famous “Associated Press”watched the unveiling of new X-ray machines. The presentation was led by a man whom eight years later, the FBI entrusted with reviewing all of Tesla’s writings after his death, in his hotel room at the “New Yorker”. That man was John Trump – uncle of today’s presidential candidate of the United States Donald Trump.


Trump was one of the best professors at the prestigious MIT university, where he taught engineering. Republicans have praised the legacy of Trump’s uncle’s numerous times in their speeches.

  • You know, my uncle was one of the best professors that MIT had. He used to tell me about nuclear power before the world knew of its existence. He was brilliant – said Trump in an interview, which unlike most other things he discusses in his presidential campaign – is an undeniable truth.


John Trump really is brilliant. He contributed to the development of X-ray machines that are helpin cancer patients, participated in the development of a radar which helped to bring victory to the Allied countries in World War II, but perhaps the greatest achievement of his life was being first man in the world who had a chance to read thousands of Tesla’s secret writings after his death, writes “The New Yorker”.

FBI hired Trump as one of the best American academics to find out, among other things, whether Tesla invented the famous “DEATH RAY” that Americans have always insisted he kept in its war arsenal.

However, Trump’s uncle reassured them that that is not the case, saying that “the greatest scientist in the world dealt almost exclusively with philosophical issues and theory, and that he probably left no paper traces of such weapons – if they ever even existed”.

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