4 Tons Of Cocaine Found On Crashed CIA Jet Plane

4 Tons Of Cocaine Found On Crashed CIA Jet Plane

8 years ago,  a CIA jet plane, named Gulfstream II, crashed within the wilderness of Mexico’s Yucatan jungle carrying 4 tons of pure cocaine. The aftermath of the event changed the entire narrative of the war on drugs. It was brought to question the significant involvement the US government has with its ‘war on drugs’.


Counter Current news reports: The Gulf Stream II jet, aircraft #N987SA, was allegedly used to transport CIA Rendition prisoners from Europe to America to Guantanamo Bay, Cuba crash-landed Sept 24, 2007, in Mexico carrying over 4 tons of cocaine. It is suspected to Gulf-stream jet ran out of fuel as it traveled from Columbia to the United States.

FAA records list the plane as belonging to Atef Hanna of Tarpon Springs, FL, but at the time of the incident, it was registered to Donna Blue Aircraft, Inc. a front for Immigration and Customs Enforcement. ICE claims it sold the aircraft to DEA suspected drug smugglers as part of an undercover operation immediately prior to the crash in Mexico.

The ICE undercover agent who brokered the deal, Don Whittington, pled guilty to federal tax charges in 1987. According to an affidavit accidentally unsealed then subsequently released, Whittington is currently under investigation for using a Colorado Springs resort and spa to launder profits from the sale of this and other aircraft used in smuggling busts.


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