What is needed Venus to be suitable for life? (Video)

What is needed Venus to be suitable for life? (Video)

It was once science fiction, now becomes a reality. Many scientists and astronomers were considering the opportunity for construction of settlements and colonies on other planets.

NASA  already working on his mission to colonize Mars, but except than Red Planet, another very likely candidate for colonization is Venus, which is also known as the twin sister of the Earth, due to the great similarity.

Venus is closer than Earth from the others and offers many benefits to potential colonists. So what would be needed to make this planet habitable for humans?

The biggest problem is that the atmosphere is 90 times denser than Earth’s atmosphere. The average surface temperature is so hot that can melt iron and the air is toxic mixture of carbon dioxide and sulfuric acid. So how to change these conditions?

One idea involves finding a way to reflect sunlight and does not reach to planet’s surface. It would require massive solar panels that should be set in space, in the atmosphere or on the surface of the planet.

Other ideas proposed spraying of chemicals (hydrogen) in the atmosphere to change its composition and density, and meanwhile building cities in balloons floating over the toxic clouds of Venus, which would serve as habitats while the planet become habitable.

There are other ideas that involve removal of the atmosphere and accelerating of the rotation of Venus, but it remains in the distant future.

Certainly the benefits of colonizing Venus are great – humanity will get a second home and new resources, and learn new techniques that could help to prevent the cataclysmic changes on Earth, The realization of all this is a difficult part, and  is something that humanity could not score in quick time. But the idea remains perhaps sometime in the future Venus really will become sister to Earth.

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