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Here is Why You Must Stop Sleeping in That Position!


Here is Why You Must Stop Sleeping in That Position!


The sleeping pose is very important for our health, this might sound strange but the position directly affects back and neck, if not positioned right it can cause tummy troubles, even premature wrinkles.

Get to know the best sleeping position and avoid those who cause negative effect of our bodies.


This is so called neutral position, it stimulates the back and the neck and spine. On the other hand reduces acid reflux by keeping your head elevated above your stomach. It even minimize wrinkles, the main reason for that is because nothing is contacting you face, The negative thing about this position is snoring. So to minimize snoring you need to find your self the perfect pillow, make sure is a puffy one, this way your head and neck will be supported without propping your head up too much.


This position might bring a negative effect on the face and breasts. The result is mushing of your face from one side, and prominent sagging of your breasts. For this position is very important to have the right pillow for you, a thick one so it would fill the empty space above your shoulder. This way your head will remain in a natural position. This position has a good effect for those who have snoring problems, by elongating your spine the snoring is significantly reduced. Also this position provide some other useful effects such as reduces acid reflux by keeping your head elevated above your stomach and useful during pregnancy.

Important Note for those people who sleep on side, make sure you are on the left side because this way we we help the digestive system to digest food easier while we sleep.


This position is very bed, especially when we curve the back a lot. This position is causing arthritic pain because the knees are not in a natural position for the whole night and that is a very long time. What else is not in a normal position are your neck and spine. Diaphragmatic breathing is restricted and it creates premature facial wrinkles. Only time is useful is during pregnancy.


This position directly effects the neutral spine position which in this case is very hard to maintain. It also puts pressure on joints and muscles which can irritate nerves and lead to pain, numbness and tingling.Sleeping on the stomach can even cause headaches.When keeping the face down keeps your upper airways more open.


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