Fascinating: Experts Can’t Figure Out The Meaning Behind This Mysterious Skull!


Mysterious artifacts are uncovered every year, which fascinates the archeology community and enthusiasts. But what’s the chance of finding a strange and mysterious artifact in an antique shop? Some time ago, a skull with carvings of of several deities and symbols was found by chance on an antique shop in Vienna, Austria. The skull is carved with excellent detail and many experts and researchers have been analyzing it for a long time never hearding of a skull such as this one. Nobody couldn’t crack the meaning behind this skull. The closest information we could get about this mysterious skull, was from a Tibetan Khenpo , or a monk professor, who said that skulls with engravings such as this one is usually an amulet against curses or used to guide the soul of the dead back in the right path. But even he admited that information regarding such practices or artifacts is very limited, and that this skull is one of the most mysterious kind. Watch the following video to know more!

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