Three Signs That Your Relationship Is Nearing Its End

Unfortunately, if you notice these three signs, it means that your relationship is dangerously approaching its end. It is good if you can spot them in time, but if they repeat for some time, it’s time to think about stopping.



See which are the three signs that indicate it is time to ask yourself where your relationship leads:

  1. Cliche-Talks
    All your conversations sound like they have already been ¬†and there is no excitement in communication. You have nothing new to learn from each other or simply do not want ,even the phrase “I love you” is pronounced routinely instead of being emotionally charged.
  2. You ignore her/his calls and messages 
    Normally you can not always immediately answer, but if you continually leave messages and calls for later, this means that the communication is more a burden than a pleasure, and you no longer care that much.
  3. You are happier separately
    If the moments when you’re alone are the ones you cant wait to come in the day and you are constantly looking for freedom, than its time to think whether or not you should be in a relationship.

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