Top 20 Cell Phones With The Highest And Lowest Radiation

Nowadays, with cell phones, we are living in a modern world which is also almost fully digitized.

This modern world makes cell phones like one of an unavoidable communication.

Working people is using numerous times those phones for communication and also making businesses.

Maybe we can understand that they need to use cell phones, but the most dangerous thing is using cell phones

in communication with our children.

People need to use cell phones as less as possible

The children are using this interesting device like item for prestige.

When they have the new and the best smart phones – that is like they will catch the Moon.

These devices are offering numerous opportunities and features.

Cell phones have been evolved and incorporated in our everyday living for most children and individuals.

These devices are almost always near our body wherever we go.

The real question is: could these devices also be harmful to our body and health?

The Weizmann Institute of Science from Israel made research about this issue.

According to research certain mobile devices or cell phones may be exposing the people to harmful levels of dangerous electromagnetic radiation.

These devices communicate with Wi-Fi that is also one of the dangerous unavoidable parts of our modern life.

The study published in the Biochemical Journal found that just a single use of certain phones can trigger our brain cell changes.

These changes have connections with cancerous cell division.

The Federal Communications Commission – FCC has a rule that companies need to test cell phones for the SAR – specific absorption rate.

SAR is a rating that our body is absorbing radiation from the phones.

The maximum level that FCC allow is 1.6 watts/kg of flesh.

This is the list of the phones with the highest radiation.

This is the list of phones with the lowest radiation.

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