Throw Away These Products – They Can Cause Cancer!

We put different things and products on our skin, and they are immediately absorbed. Almost 90% of the products we use are not tested for their safety, and they can be dangerous for our health. For that reason, here are some products which are proved to be carcinogenic.



When summer comes, almost 75% of women use sunscreen under the makeup. But, they don’t know that this product contain ingredients which increases risk of developing skin tumors. Almost all sunscreens are not organic and natural, and they contain cancer-causing ingredients. To avoid this, use clear zinc sunscreen, for example Babo Botanical.


A recent study proved that many moisturizers increase risk of developing skin cancer. The moisturizers contain many ingredients which are harmful, and are connected to many diseases. For that reason, it is better to put organic and natural coconut oil on your skin.


Deodorants contain triclosan, parabens, aluminum, petroleum, all of which are toxical and dangerous. They make problems on the skin, and in the environment as well. Deodorants are connected with problems in endocrine system,  metabolism, nervous system, and cancer. In order to avoid these products, make yourself a natural and organic one. Mix organic geranium essential oil with baking soda.

Benzoyl Peroxide

Many people use this ingredient for treatment of acnes or other skin issue, but this can cause melanoma. It is better if you use organic carrot seed, or organic lemon essential oil, for acne treatment.

Creams for Skin Lighting

Those creams contain mercury, which is proved to be dangerous supplement. Throw away these products and make an appointment for diamond peel.

Talcum Powder

This powder is full of magnesium silicate, an ingredient which increases risk of ovarian cancer. For that reason, don’t use it, instead make yourself a new one. Mix organic 7 drops of lavender essential oil, ¼ cup of kuzu root starch, and 1/3 cup of rice flour.


All mascaras contain some toxical ingredients, which are cancer-causing agents. For example, they have petroleum, formaldehyde, aluminum, fragrance, polymers. Avoid those products and buy yourself a new organic and fragrance-free mascara.


All hairsprays are full with chemicals dangerous for the environment, and especially for the skin. They can even cause lung damages. So, find yourself a natural and organic sprays, in the local healthy stores.


Toothpastes contain colored dyes, propylene glycol, saccharin, sodium lauryl sulfate, fluoride, all of which are connected with cancer. Fortunately, there are many non-chemical and non-fluoride toothpastes, so choose one of them.


Women should stay away of the lipsticks, because they can increase risk of developing breast cancer. Instead, buy yourself a organic lipstick.

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