Talented Brother And Sister Cover “Hello” Reggae Style, The Result Is Incredible!

It’s hard to put Adele into a genre – her music is soulful and passionate, yet calming and has that something extra that makes everyone want to sing along, all across the globe.


A brother-sister duo, Rodesha and Conkarah, from Jamaica have caught the Adele bug, too and created their own special version of her out-of-this-world hit song, “Hello.” That twist has to do with their most influential type of music: Reggae.

The music is most simply a combination of rhythm, blues, jazz, African music and about 10 other styles. So it’s no surprise that “Hello” is a perfect adaptation for their type of tune.

Rodesha, the younger sister, takes on the more prominent role by starting the rendition. Then comes in her older brother Conkarah with classic reggae beats and a relaxing vibe. They’re pretty much irresistible.

Their voices are smooth and heartfelt, but also have an incredible amount of passion along with those attributes. Especially at the end of the cover when Rodesha completely lets loose her vocals, you can see how talented the two truly are.

Watch below to see how cool it is when a brother and sister collaborate well!

Source:Video by ConkarahMusic