Woman Collapses On Train, Then Wakes Up To Find A Mysterious Note About What Happened To Her

In 2015, Ellie Farnfield, 27, was traveling alone on a train in London. After leaving a family get-together, the acupuncture student was going to teach a fitness class.

Right as the train approached the station, Ellie had an epileptic seizure. She collapsed on the floor and passed out.

When Ellie woke up, she was in the hospital, but she had no memory of what had happened or how she had gotten to the hospital. Next to her was a note.

The person who wrote the note was a man named Tom. Tom had seen her have the seizure on the train, and he helped get her off the train. Tom gave her some money so she could get a taxi to get home.

He said he had contacted the emergency contacts from her phone, and that help was on the way as he wrote the letter. He apologized for not being able to stay with her longer but wished her a speedy recovery.

Ellie was surprised that a stranger had taken the time to help her and leave her money after she collapsed. She shared the note and her grateful thanks in a post on Facebook.

Ellie said she doesn’t know who Tom is and hopes he comes forward. Ellie promises that if he does, she will give him his money back and thank him in person.

People around the world are sharing the note in the hopes that Tom will be found. He deserves to be recognized! Tom, don’t be shy, you did something amazing! You are a hero!

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