Why Some People Have White Spots On Their Nails?

Everyone gets few of those strangely mysterious white spots on their nails from time to time.

This little things are very common and everyone at least once in their life experience them. They can indicate a few different things, and tell you if your body is not healthy. The main reason for their appearance is the lack of calcium in the body and the problem can be solved if you increase the intake of this mineral.

Nail Injuries

Small nail trauma can cause changes in parts of the nail, and they can be seen as discoloration or small pockets of air on their surface. Also sometimes white spots can appear due to an allergic reaction to nail polish, nail hardener or even nail polish remover.Application of acrylic nails on your fingers can cause trauma to the nail base.

Serious Diseases

There are some serious diseases that can cause white spots on the nails. Therefore, if you notice any discolorations on your nails immediately visit your doctor. The earlier you go the more likely it is to treat the condition effectively.

  • Liver disease, like cirrhosis or hepatitis, is one of the few more serious causes of white spots on the fingernails.
  • Kidney disease can also affect the nails, such as nails that are possibly white and pink. The nails can be partially white due to kidney failure.
  • Anemia, which is a sign of iron deficiency, can cause pale or white nail beds. Adding iron to your diet, such as leafy greens and meats, and avoiding dairy, will help your body to reverse the iron deficiency.
  • There are cases where the person can develop koilonychias, which is abnormally shaped thin fingernails with raised ridges that curve inward.

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