This 90 Second Trick Will Fully Awake You Much Better Than a Cup Of Coffee

This interesting trick is a daily routine of the fashion designer Victoria Beckham.


If you are feeling a lack of energy in the morning there is a solution for you that can be applied each morning, and you will feel the results throughout the day. You will be amazed by its effect.

According to the experts from Career Girl Daily, many of us take a shower wrongly in the morning. Specifically, there is a trick that will only take 90 seconds and will affect your energy throughout the day and keeps you awake. This trick is practiced by the popular fashion designer Victoria Beckham.

This easy routine that will only take you 90 seconds and will raise your immune system and improve your mood.

Scientists claim that showering with warm water only worsens the condition of undersleeping and fatigue. What you really need to do is the following: at first, shower with cold water for about 30 seconds, then another 30 seconds with lukewarm water, and finally the remaining 30 seconds with cold water again.

Of course, the first few days might be uncomfortable, but you will get used to this regime and will love the feeling, say experts.

This method of showering will open the capillaries and will accelerate the circulation, which works great on the whole body and mind. Additionally, the stress level will be reduced and it will help you burn a few more calories.

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