Shocking Testimony Of a Former Mason. All Of Their Secrets *REVEALED*

“This sword which you are feeling in the breast, is always prepared to punish betrayal, it is a symbol of remorse that will penetrate into your heart, if you betray the order in which you want to join”, this is how the practice of receiving new members in the Masonic order begins – a former Mason wrote in his book.


If you really want to gain the wisdom of the masters, reach your right hand on the book of the constitution, with а promise of respect as well as with a promise to defend your brothers till the end.

This is just one part of receiving a new member in the order of the Masons, which is described by Morris Kaili, a french doctor who with all of his forces was trying to enter to their order. After 15 years he realized his error, he found faith in God and got out of that mystic world. He now lives under protection in France. As a former Mason in high position, Morris wrote the book “From the dark box to the light of the faith”, in which he describes his dramatic life path.

in his book he describes how he started to become aware of the evil he has done and reveals the powerful satanic influences in secret Masonic circles, hiding behind the mask of philanthropy, humanism and tolerance. The exit of the box completely changed his personal and professional life, followed by а death threats and all kinds of harassments.

All of this he described exclusively in this tense life story, of which we took out several parts.

“He took off my jacket and tie and put a loop around my neck. Then he bare my left hand and unbuttoned my shirt, then he wrapped my right trouser leg up to the knee and asked me to undress left shoe. Surely I looked pretty funny, me – the person who is most attentive to his appearance and is looking after the quality of the coat and tie. It would have been better to dress me like a clown than this, I felt humiliated”.

Morris regularly attended meetings and well performed all of the rituals, and after only one year he had been proposed as an assistant. In parallel, he entered the politics in which revealed how it actually works, the fraternal assistance between the Masons and how are the laws carried, when you have people of high key positions.

His glory was violated by only one shadow, as he himself says – when in 1983 his wife became ill. As an issue rarely comes alone, Morris soon suffered a shock when a friend also a brother Mason, who also happens to be his director, told him: “You’re done”.

“Yes, I have lost an authority over my employees, and even a contact with them just because between me and them was pulled a curtain, you know”?

Morris did not know where he was wrong, but his friend and brother Mason with whom they have been a tenant’s friends, gave him 48 hours to submit his resignation, saying he has a bunch of testimonies against him and his wife but has never showed him.

“During the Masonic period, I found that nature there are some sacred dimensions which must be respected in order to preserve order in the versus chaos. For me the mass ritual was plain and nothing more than that, everyone can encourage to restore order in and around”.

Although he decided to leave the Masons, however, he returned to their box “to check their famous tolerance and brothers friendship” he gave a lecture entitled “Jesus – a mythical figure”. The administration fired him at 54 years old and he found himself on the street. Fortunately, he didn’t lost a faith in God.