This Will Make You CRY! She Want To Know Why Her Boyfriend Cheated on Her

Facing your ex – boyfriend and chatting about his infidelity is not the easiest task, but still, this woman managed to do it, and the video recorded for “The Scene” became a massive viral.

Youtube and Twitter users went crazy for the video where Courtney George sits confronted face to face with her ex-boyfriend, Leonard Long, who cheated on her several times while they were together.

The whole conversation has been very sincere and humble, although it is almost impossible to remain indifferent to the emotions of this broken hearted girl.

-“Why wouldn’t you just leave?” – “I don’t know, I think I was just so stupid.”

-“How many times have you cheated on me?” – “I don’t know, I wasn’t counting.”

If you want to experience a real roller coaster of emotions, look at the video and be prepared for tears.

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