12 biggest facts about the human body that you didn’t know

“The man doesn’t use his brain enough”, it’s just one of the myths which scientists believe should be forgotten. In addition, read the rest…

Human brain

Myth: People use only 10% of teir brain.

Fact: The majority of the cortex is working at full capacity, even when we are a sleep.

Brain cells

Myth: The brain cells stop to develop when we’re older.

Fact: The neurons are constantly updated throughout life.


Myth: The eyesight deteriorates if we read in the dark or on the monitor.

Fact: The eye strain during these activities, is recovering quickly after a short break.


Myth: The cracked tops of  the hair can be “cured” with a shampoo or conditioner.

Fact: You can get rid of them only by cutting your hair.


Myth: People have only 5 sences: eyesight, hearing, smell, taste and sense of touch.

Fact: Scientist belive that people have at least 21 sences. Among the other things, the sense of balance and temperature.


Myth: It’s easier to catch a cold when is cold outside.

Fact: The cold is caused by viruses and not the air temperature.


Myth: The heart skips one beat when you sneeze.

Fact: The heart rate can change during sneezing, but it never stops.


Myth: The alcohol warms up the body.

Fact:  The alcohol dilates the blood vessels which is resulting with a feeling of warmth.


Myth: With perspiration the toxins are excreted from the body.

Fact: The sweat glands cool the body.


Myth: The carrots improve the eyesight.

Fact: The carrots slow down the degeneration of the muscles, but do not improve the eyesight.


Myth: The teeth should be perfectly white.

Fact: The natural tooth color is yellowish.


Myth: The burns are treated better if you put oil on them.

Fact: You should put something cold like ice on the burn. The ice forms a layer of skin, like membrane which retains the heat of the skin..