An eighth continent is dicovered! What is the secret that Zealandia hides?

There is a new hidden continent on our planet, which is attached to New Zealand. The scientists have found that New Zealand and New Caledonia are separated from Australia and they belong to this new continent of 4.6 million square kilometres.

In a research published by the Geological Society of America, it is claimed that 94 percent of the continent is under water, as a result of the weakening of the panel before the separation of the continents.

According to the words of the scientists, this discovery is not only a name on the list, because Zealandia, as it is called, can offer a series of data about the occurrence of the continents.

The previous theory was that it was a series of submerged islands.

If Europe and Asia are considered as separate continents, this is the eighth continent on the planet.

Zealandia has a crust with a thickness of 10 to 30 kilometres and is approximately as large as India.