Believe it or not the lipstick can reveal your LOVE intentions!

When someone gifts you a lipstick, he may send a specific message. You may also disclose what do you want from a partner.


Your lipstick can reveal a lot about your intentions with a man on a first date.

These colours clearly sending certain signals:

1. Red

Traditionally, it is the colour of love and romance, so the red lipstick will give your partner the knowing that the evening that follows will be very fiery.

2. Pink

It is the colour of flirting, which reflects happiness, relaxation and friendship, is ideal for the evening with friends, or with those with whom you would like to become something more. The darker the lipstick is, the darker your intentions are.

3. Beige 

It reveals bare skin colour. This lipstick is charming and intimate at the same time.

4. Purple

It shows that you are an adventurous type. No one can predict how the night will end, and whether you want to start something or not.