This boy is trapped inside a body of an old man. SEE how he LOOKS at only 7 years old!

The seven year old boy Mohammed is born in Syria with severe genetic disease, that makes him to look like an old man. Therefore he has many problems. The children are avoiding him and wherever he appears attracts glances.


“I want to be beautiful like the other children”, said Mohammed and tearfully added that other children doesn’t leave him alone. After the story about him went out in public, Manaver Hussein appeared, who is the future first Muslim astronaut from Britain who wishes to help the little Mohammed in any way.

“When I saw him I wanted to be close to him, to be his friend in some way. I wanted to tell him how special he is”, said Hussain.

“The story of Mohammed is not just a story about a child trapped in the body of an old man, but also a story of immigrants. His family escaped from Syria to Turkey, they don’t have passports and therefore the disease can’t be treated or to learn from what Mohammed suffers. They were thrown out from their apartment because they had no money for rent. We barely helped them”, added Hussein.

Hussein with the help of NGOs started an action to collect money for Mohammed and his family. They found them a new home, but as they say, the battle to help the family will never stop.