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11 signs that prove you are the ONE for him!


11 signs that prove you are the ONE for him!

All we want is to know what happens in the head of our partners. Although we can’t read his mind, we can decode his behaviour and discover whether you really mean everything to him.

He Loves me, he loves me not … If you are unsure whether your partner is really in love with you, check out these signs that reveal. When a man is in love, he behaves with respect.

1. He asks you before he makes plans.

It is because he wants to know if you are free, or if you are planning to spend time with him, because, you are his first priority.

2. The chemistry between you is outstanding.

You are on the same wavelength, and when you are together, sparks are flying everywhere.

3. He doesn’t assign you tasks.

He doesn’t ask you to do his work or finish the tasks around home. He knows that you have your own life and own work to do rather than finishing his.

4. He keeps a check on you.

He is concerned that you are doing okay when he is not around. When he is with you, he will make sure that you are not feeling weak.

5. He is prepared to compromise.

We all have our own needs and desires. But yet he is willing to give up some things that meant to him in the past.

6. He is honest.

You have never caught him lying to and he always tells you about the places he went. He is not hiding any secrets from you.

7. He is constantly smiling to you.

And he doesn’t do that just to get something from you.

8. He has nothing against you.

He won’t be threatening you when you have an argument as in to bring against you if you leave him.

9. You have rational arguments.

The arguments that you both have are quite practical and you both always tend to figure things out. If both of you have some kind of irrational fears, you don’t end up fighting about them.

10. It is not difficult to do anything for you

He will do anything for you to be happy.

11. He is planning the future and you are involved in all his plans

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