What Kind Of Mother Are You Going To Be? Based On Your Zodiac Sign

Motherhood, can be a scary thing. Maybe you want to be a mom, see yourself as a mom, and even act sometimes like a mom. To bring a kid into this world is a big leap of faith. But have you ever wondered, what kind of mom will you be? Here you can learn a few things about motherhood, based on your zodiac sign.



Advantages as a mom: Confidence, self-awareness, power, and bravery

Disadvantages as a mom: Competitiveness, rage, intolerance, and vanity

Your parenting method: A warrior mother! The Aries does everything with a powerful signature method, you’ll charge into parenthood headfirst, with a goal to leave your mark. Lead by red-hot Mars, Aries move toward everything in life as if going into a fight. There’s a diva in every Aries woman, you always have your confidence, even if you happens to have a milk stain on your Fendi jacket or Ritz bits in her blowout. No matter how much you love your little baby, never forget that: You are two individuals and separate human beings.


Advantages as a mom: Caring, good taste, common sense, hard worker

Disadvantages as a mom: Indulgence, materialism, egoism

Your parenting method: Taurus is the original “business in the front, party in the back” mother. Sometimes, you lead with a serious attitude that puts the fear of God, vehicles, and weird strangers in your kid. But once you’re sure everyone’s safe and, it’s party time! The Taurus mother is selectively loyal, there’s an old-fashioned girl in every Taurus. But behind that resistant face is a bawdy nature goddess who’s refreshingly down to earth. You’re the mom who might strength your kids to stay in Sunday school until adulthood but will also let them see a home birth or ride a motorcycle.

Taurus is the zodiac’s careful spender. You believe in return if you invest in something. So if you dedicate your life to raising a child, you expect to be greeted for it! You’ll raise your kids to have good behavior, respect authority, and if possible, to adore you.


Advantages as a mom: Adaptability, youthfulness, curiosity, cleverness, creativity

Disadvantages as a mom: Inconsistency, lack of boundaries, tendency to contradict self, anxiety

Your parenting method: You will be a mother with many personalities, complex and even irreconcilable somethimes but certainly never boring. Such is the way of the Gemini mama, ruled by the zodiac’s Twins. There’s never a monotonous moment under your roof, even though some family members wouldn’t mind one every now and then!

Since your standards can be subject to variation without a notification, your rigidity is calmed with a bold element of the opposite. You’ll scour the ingredient list of your baby wash but take the kid to a jazz club or raise her in a smog-filled metropolis.


Advantages as a mom: Playfulness, leadership, cleverness, confidence

Disadvantages as a mom: Self-centeredness, drama, too much energy

Your parenting method: Lights, camera, action! The imaginative and theatrical Leo mother leaves her autograph wherever she goes. Parenting is the final personal expression for you, a job you put yourself into, heart and soul. Leos have a tendency to be hands-on mothers, implicated in every part of their children’s lives. You take pride in raising capable, successful persons who will grow up and do valuable things in the world. You’re a difficult act to follow, since you tend to be a high succeeder.


Advantages as a mom: Organization and structure, common sense, healthy habits, intelligence

Disadvantages as a mom: Judgmental tendencies, worry and neuroses, self-righteousness, tendency to overanalyze

Your parenting method: A free-spirited mother. The Virgo mother is a intrigued mix of contrasts. In some ways, motherhood plays in order. Virgo habit, giving you an alibi to plan, direct, and manage. Sometimes it brings out let loose and play. The occupation of privacy that comes along with children, not to mention the land hold your intellectual time, let’s be sincere: the prize don’t always stabilize out the loss. The downshift from PhD to ABC can be hard for brainy babes of the Virgo encouragement. Despite your controlling nature, you also have a relaxed side. Your fourth house of motherhood is ruled by Sagittarius, the sign of journey, adventure and wisdom.


Advantages as a mom: Strength, resilience, intuition, willpower

Disadvantages as a mom: Control, paranoia, emotional unavailability, intolerance, intensity to a fault

Your parenting method: The Scorpio is a magnetic mother, a curious mix of eccentric and controlling, supportive and frightening. Depending on your mood, your kids may cling to you, or scurry away from your wrath. One “death stare” from a Scorpio mother is all it takes to keep a stubborn child in order. Fiercely defensive, you keep your children with indestructible attitude and strength. You’ve got a streak of mafia in you: a matriarch that nobody challenge to cross twice.

Most Scorpios take to motherhood fast. You’re an spiritual water sign, after all, and your nurturing qualities are automatic. Life with Scorpio mothers may be an tiring game of chess, but the queen trumps all in the end.


Advantages as a mom: Sensitivity, comfort, good taste, devotion, sentimentality

Disadvantages as a mom: Overprotectiveness, fearfulness, jealousy

Your parenting method: You are the kind of mother that rule with everything. For most Cancer women, maternal instincts are involved into their DNA. From an early age, you’ve been a safety guard for everyone who needs it, to friends, siblings, dolls. Some signs are doubtful when it comes to children, but most Cancer women feel they were born to be a mother. You’re the kind of mother who could have an at-home birth, and breast-feed your child until it teeters on unnatural.

This gives you an visionary access to family and a talent for creating a lovely, pleasant home. You’re profoundly invested in your relationship with your children and will probably be their lifelong companion.


Advantages as a mom: Patience, refinery, good taste, honesty

Disadvantages as a mom: Inconsistency, arrogance, vanity

Your parenting method: You always searching for that mysterious “balance”. Motherhood might be the thing that helps you find your center point, bringing you out of the chaos you created into the calm “eye of the storm.” Born under a relaxed sign famous for procrastinating and stop over to smell every single flower you see, you instantly become organized type-A as a mom.

Libra is the zodiac’s sign of relationships, and as much as this go against any self-help script ever written, you’re very satisfied when you live for another person. Children give you the perfect reason to do that. Arranging your life and also arranging their lives, is a routine you love to do.


Advantages as a mom: Planning, structure, flexibility, patience, thoughtfulness

Disadvantages as a mom: Worry and anxiety, overly cautious, pessimism, seriousness to a fault

Your parenting method: Capricorn is the zodiac’s ‘father’ sign, this include an interesting spin to your mothering method. In cliched terms, in some cases you may be more of the dad than mother, or both parents into one. Not that you don’t have a emotional or feminine side, but Capricorn’s dominant planet is Saturn, the serious taskmaster combined with power, masculinity, and structure. You’re not scared to put boundaries or to educate your kids necessary life lessons. You’d like to be nearby to your children, but you don’t need to be best friends. Hierarchy based on age is fine with you. As a classic sign, you appreciate your own parents and may be quite traditional.


Advantages as a mom: Youthfulness, open-mindedness, creativeness, fairness

Disadvantages as a mom: Boundaries, turbulence and drama, detachment, overly permissive tendencies

Your parenting method: The Aquarius mother is “eager to know” character who’s impossible to put in a box. You’re devoted yet distant, serious yet spontaneous, the world’s biggest control freak.

You are a girl next door and a pageant queen all in one. With a couple tattoos, a karate black belt, or at least one sudden personal skeleton in the closet, piercings you are comfortable be in every field which makes you and your children happy.


Advantages as a mom: Adventure, wisdom, humor, perspective

Disadvantages as a mom: Impatience, ignorance, bluntness, too much spontaneity and lack of structure

Your parenting method: You are the zodiac’s freest spirit, parenting is an interesting adaptation for you. Spontaneous Sagittarians live in the moment, acting on impulse and instinct. You appreciate your freedom, and this new level of stability can feel unreal. Parenting is a big lifemethod modification for this sign. While you can be magnificent with children, behave toward them like real people rather than patronizing them, kids also request a lot of time and energy. Even if you’re great at organizing, your own life may already run on a packed schedule. You now have to combine an- other person’s needs and orders into this everyday routine.


Advantages as a mom: Kindness, intelligence, nurturing, creativity

Disadvantages as a mom: Kookiness, manipulation, insecurity, guilt

Your parenting method: The Pisces mother is a irresistible siren and an earth mother rolled into one beautiful package. You love to settle your family in a warm but luxurious bubble, and there are a good chances that you’ll have a well-appointed home and closet to match. Even in sweatpants, you manage to look coiffed and ready for your close-up most days. Luckily, you emanate enough warmth to be charming rather than frightening to other moms. You can be perfectionist in your tastes, your door is always open to the world. Watery Pisces is the zodiac’s last sign. You’re empathic and elegant, spiritual and thoughtful, clever and emotionally intelligent. You know how to behave like a goddess, and you’ll be an inspiration for the mothers around you.