The Day When You Lose Your Parents Is The Day When You Think You Are Losing Everything!


To get a call that your father is in the hospital and that the doctors are doing everything to save his life, or to hear that your mother is suffering from cancer and that she has only a few months to live, is the worst thing that could happen to anybody. The people who lost one parent know how painful this process is.

That is an enormous pain because our parents are the most significant part of our life. They are our life. That kind of information is breaking our heart and shortens our life for several years.

We are losing the person who taught us how to ride a bike. The person who made us breakfast every morning. The one who kissed us for goodnight. The one who taught us to want certain things and the one that taught us how to sing and dance. The person who is part of our life from the beginning and for which we exist in this world.

It is hard when you found out…that was the person who was giving you advises, who gave you hope even in the days when you thought you can’t survive because of your broken heart and the person who did everything to make you happy.