Your Ticket To Etiquette – Table Manners

They say when it is a matter of an empty stomach, why mind the manners? I insist otherwise. Table manners are the rules of etiquette used while eating and different cultures observe different rules for table manners. These principles have evolved over many centuries to make the practice of eating with others pleasant and sociable. Table rules are not complicated , but if you practice them often, they can help you make a great impression at your next (business) meal. Make a quick read and imbibe these table manners for lifetime.

Etiquette at table 

  • Elbows off the table
  • Sit straight
  • Place the napkin on your lap or tie it on to your neck
  • Always ask for the item to be passed, don’t try reaching out for it yourself
  • Do not shout across the table
  • Always serve people next to you before serving yourself
  • Do not snap your fingers at the waiter, just eye contact will do
  • As much as possible, mobile phones should not e on the table
  • Remember to say ‘Excuse Me’ when you leave the table Dress code etiquette for the ladies
  • Colors speak volumes and can leave an impression, for example, when you want to make a strong point,opt for red; black gives the impression of authority
  • Do not cross your legs when sitting down; the correct position is knees together and ankles together
  • Make up, ideally, is always subtle. Dress code for the men
  • Never wear a tie with a short-sleeved shirt
  • The tie length has to reach the mid-belt
  • The cuff-links ideally should match the buckle of the belt Socializing etiquette
  • Learn the art of proper handshake; you cannot shake hands like a dead fish
  • Never wipe your hands before shaking someone’s hands
  • When you are introducing someone make sure you start off with the higher ranked people first

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