4 Things That Happen When You’re A Lightworker (#2 Scares People to Death)

Are you a lightworker? If you are not, do you know someone who is? If your answer is yes, then please, show respect for them, because without lightworkers our planet would be much darker. The lightworkers are incredible persons and their mission is to help us in every way they can. Some of them are teaching, energy or psychic, some of them are performing their job in sophisticated ways. All the lightworkers have a different role! Their main goal is to advise the people how to get through their darkness in order to find their bright side.

Many of the lightworkers are responsible for stabilizing the energy of anxiety with the energy of love.

See what could happen to you if you are a lightworker or know someone who is:

  1. You are not capable to adapt in any type of group

Lightworkers are not very curious about what other people buy into as “normal.” Spirituality is a way of life and there is no need to participate in any one religion or ideology. Often you don’t feel like you belong in this planet. You just want to return where you belong. The things you were easily tolerated in the past are no longer available.

2. You know things before the others

You feel passionate and you desire a space for prayer and meditation. You cannot be in busy places because you are familiar with the energy and density. You begin to read and feel the others without exchanging some information. Lightworkers need isolation and time to recharge their powers as they take on the vibrations of those near them.

3. Everybody is telling you their secrets

They have a hidden string to others. Lightworkers have a strong open heart, which is the main reason why people tell them their secrets, issues, and their life stories. Lightworkers were solvers to the issues of those around them with great understanding. They have the talent to listen and teach the others through difficult times while handling with wonderful wisdom.

4. You’re not scared of death

For the Lightworkers, the death becomes a progress in the period of life. Many lightworkers have had near-death struggles, diseases, and have overcome huge obstructions. Their expedition has allowed them to leave behind the confusion that the death is final. Your job is to have a big heart and a deep consciousness to help others progress through these times. You are not supposed to change anybody. You need to accept their decisions and transfer the divine light. Your existence as a fighter and that is the main transformation in the spiritual progression. But, remember: you are not alone!

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